Good Seasons Start with Good Beginnings -Sparky Anderson


Our everyday language is filled with colorful sayings we grew up hearing, but maybe never stopped to consider the origins.

Recently my father sent a long text to me and my 4 siblings including one of these sayings and the interesting history behind it.  I found it fascinating and tasked him with researching more of these anecdotes for which he has obliged. I decided to start a blog based on the history behind old sayings and famous quotes.  My first quote is in honor of my dad, Bill Barger (pictured above).  The quote is by the author, Sparky Anderson.  Sparky Anderson is a baseball guy…my dad is a baseball guy.  It is fitting.  =)  Also, the quote “Good seasons start with good beginnings” is an excellent quote to begin my new blog! George Lee “Sparky” Anderson was a Hall of Fame, major league baseball player who later managed the Cincinnati Reds and the Detroit Tigers to the Championships in 1975, 1976 (Reds), and 1984 (Tigers).  He also authored the book “Bless You Boys: Diary of the Detroit Tigers’ 1984 Season”.   Coach Anderson is quoted many times through out the internet and his quips are sometimes listed under the category “cynical quotes”.  I don’t know that I would consider them cynical.  Maybe just realistic and down to earth. You can read more quotes by Sparky Anderson here….  and here. Enjoy!


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