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Kids and Candid Photography

Great blog with awesome pictures!

Renee Hollowell

Kids are my favorite people to photograph. They are awesome subjects for candid photography.

In general, kids hate posing and being still for a picture. They hate it more when they have to dress up, stay neat and clean, and then pose and fake smile for dozens to hundreds of photos. Well behaved kids will cooperate, but they usually don’t enjoy it. There is your occasional little ham who loves to be in front of a camera, but most kids would rather escape to go play and probably roll in the grass and get dirty. This is my favorite way to photograph them!

I like to photograph real life. A kid with grass stains, disheveled hair, and a sticky face is real life. It tells an accurate story about a child. A photo of a child who likes to be clean and primped and ham it up for the camera…

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